Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bad memories erased, no kooky helmet required.

In a few years you might have a pill to help you forget your bad breakup just the way Jim Carey did in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. With a high dose of just one enzyme, scientists can now erase very specific memories while you're in the act of recalling them. The enzyme known as CaMKII is linked to learning and memory, and Georgia neuroscientist Joe Z. Tsien and his team used it to induce extremely targeted memory-erasure in mice. Tsien thinks the process might help humans lay traumatic memories to rest.



Blogger The Westmoor Club said...

Hi, I am not sure who you are but and I am sorry to post here, not too good with blogging. But I feel moved to write. I have just connected with a very old friend on Facebook and she told me of Ivan's passing. I knew him as Ivan but really "Spike" for the several blessed years that I knew him. I lived in SC from 1979 to 1986. He and I hung out quite a bit and he even dated my step sister for some time. I remember his amazing smile, wonderful attitude and yes as the blog says his vibrant spirit. Thanks to Ivan, I skateboarded down (high street maybe? the big hill by his house that was near Mission Hill). I almost cracked my skull, but it was his sense of adventure that (apparent to the stories I have read) continued to crash cars and thankfully he instilled that sense of adventure in all that he touched. His passing is a reminder of how fleeting and precious life is. It is a very strong reminder to not take any day for granted. I have thought of him throughout the years and will weave his memory and zest for life into mine. Thank you for a wonderful yet sad trip down memory lane and a reminder of how to live each day.
J. Brent Tartamella

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