Thursday, July 27, 2006

Time Warner won't give out CableCards to TiVo owners

Hey Time Warner! If you don't want your customers to use TiVo, MAKE A BETTER FREAKIN' PVR!
An inquiry was sent today to Time Warner Cable of Raleigh, NC. It was concerning the costs of CableCards leased from Time Warner Cable for use in the soon to be released Series 3 HD Tivo. According to this service representative Time Warner Cable of Raleigh, and presumably other cities, will not be supporting the Series 3 Tivo. The representative claims that Time Warner Cable of Raleigh will NOT install cable cards in Tivo devices nor will they allow Tivo's to access their network. If this is true, it is completely outrageous and unacceptable. Please note that customer service representatives are not known for their skill, knowledge, or awareness of what is and is not true, so this particular representative's response may not be accurate. However, it does sound as if this person knows that Time Warner Cable of Raleigh will not install cable cards in Tivo devices.

Here is a copy of the last message in the inquiry with response:

Dear G***** C*****,

Inquiry: Just to confirm, you are saying that when the Series 3 Tivo's are released, you will not be providing cablecards for Tivo Series 3 owners?

Submitted: by gc****@**********.com
Response:Time Warner Cable of Raleigh does not provide support for or allow TIVO devices on our cable network. Time Warner Cable provides DVR service and equipment for customers that would like to record programs and watch them later. Cable Cards will only be installed on Cable ready, Cable Card slot available television sets. This policy is subject to change at the discretion of Time Warner Cable of Raleigh.



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