Friday, May 05, 2006

Readers respond to Reason editor Nick Gillespie's appearance on the Factor

"O'REILLY: OK, Mr. Gillespie, do you think this is a good thing that the Senate pass a symbolic law saying that you got to sing the national anthem in English?

NICK GILLESPIE, EDITOR IN CHIEF, REASON MAGAZINE: I want to congratulate the senator because who knew that war in Iraq was over? Who knew that the out of control spending the Republicans have brought to Washington 11 years of budget control and that the saber-rattling by North Korea and Iran and other countries, it's over. And we can spend time on a completely inane and asinine issue. To be talking about passing resolutions in a way even, especially if they're nonbinding about what language people should be able to sing the national anthem or say the pledge after allegiance is ludicrous beyond belief. One of the great things about America is our First Amendment which guarantees political expression. Certainly the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem are political speech. And now you're trying to say that only way can you be truly American is to say it in English, which the last time I checked was the language of our colonial overlord from a couple hundred years ago."

Best over-the-top reader response?
Subject: O'reilly show


It is amazing how many nuts are falling from the trees in diverse American now. The AMERICAN National Anthem is just what it says American, not Mexican American or African American BUT AMERICAN only as far as I am concerned. No I am not against any race but enough is enough. Mexico and Africa are both countries that are falling apart and we are suppose to help them or we don't care but then we cannot be a people who are American, why? We are supposed to tolerate everyone and everything but we cannot have our own rights, again why? I am a Baptist preacher and many think that Jesus was a tolerate LORD and that is deadly wrong. Jesus loves us all but He hates sin and does not tolerate sin at all and we should not either. Tolerance is making our country go down fast and I love America and I am not a Irish American I am a American, period. Again, hate me if you want but I am not like others who will change my mind because someone does not like it. I don't want anyone to dislike me but I cannot and do not live my life on their rules but on what my LORD Jesus tells me thru His word, not what others say His word says. If you do not like America leave. Jesus Will Rule With a Rod of Iron Like it OR Not,



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