Thursday, March 23, 2006

Pro-life congnitive dissonance

A compilation of anecdotes from clinics who performed abortions on supposedly "pro-life" patients. An example:
"We too have seen our share of anti-choice women, ones the counselors usually grit their teeth over. Just last week a woman announced loudly enough for all to hear in the recovery room, that she thought abortion should be illegal. Amazingly, this was her second abortion within the last few months, having gotten pregnant again within a month of the first abortion. The nurse handled it by talking about all the carnage that went on before abortion was legalized and how fortunate she was to be receiving safe, professional care. However, this young woman continued to insist it was wrong and should be made illegal. Finally the nurse said, 'Well, I guess we won't be seeing you here again, not that you're not welcome.' Later on, another patient who had overheard this exchange thanked the nurse for her remarks." (Clinic Administrator, Alberta)


Update: In response to South Dakota's abotion ban, the SD Sioux tribe has pledged that they will open a clinic on tribal lands, no matter what Bill Napoli says.


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