Monday, January 23, 2006

Interviews with vampires

Man, these people are some evil motherf**kers.
While Norquist concedes 2005 was a terrible year for the Republicans, he's quick to point out the silver lining: "It was the perfect storm for the Democrats," he admits, before unleashing a gloating grin, "but the wrong year!" Then it's onto the day's spin, washed down with ice tea. Sure, he says, losing two crucial governorships (in Virginia and New Jersey) has ramped up party anxiety, but two out of fifty is no cause for alarm "By the 2006 elections, we'll have gas prices down, people will have forgotten about Katrina, and we'll get the troops coming home from Iraq," suggesting that one of Brazile's prediction is not far off. "Trust me. They're gonna cut and run," said Brazile, "but they'll call it something else." And then for the coup de grace, says Norquist, his baby face breaking into a wide grin: "We'll bring in al-Zarqawi and Osama Bin Ladin."

Why is it that Norquist, and Luntz, and (to some extent) Mehlman can say this crazy shit to reporters and nobody cares? Is Norquist saying that HE somehow has inside information about where Bin Ladin is? It is sad that their supporters are so freaking stupid that these guys can smirk and giggle about their outright manipulations with impunity.



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