Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Don't dilute organic!

This is super-lame, and so typical. Rather than try to make their food organic, conventional farms and dairies want to change the meaning of "organic."
So now when a consumer looks for a purely organic product there will be less certainty, because the rules of organics, which should be as strict as kosher labeling, have been changed. Government is infamous for abusing terminology, altering definitions and deceptive labeling to trick the public and obscure the truth. The trickery is one of the greatest threats to an informed public and sound policy. The USDA seal of approval should stand for something, but now that is questionable. It should be simple — organic products are organic and synthetic ones are not. How did this truth get lost? Mr. Ames put it this way: "If someone buys certified organic, damn it, it should be certified organic."

Damn right!



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