Tuesday, November 29, 2005

People to Govt: "Stop screwing with our TV and get back to work!"

WASHINGTON (Hollywood Reporter) - Americans overwhelmingly want Big Brother to butt out of their TV watching, according to a new study of U.S. viewing habits set for release Tuesday.

According to the survey done this month by Russell Research for TV Watch, 81% of American TV watchers worry about the kinds of programs their children could be exposed to, and 91% of parents said more parental involvement is the best way to keep kids from seeing what they shouldn't see. Just 9% of parents said the government should increase control and enforcement of network television programming.

The survey arrives in time for Tuesday's Senate forum focusing on racy television programming. The all-day gathering, called by Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, includes representatives from conservative and liberal groups, the Federal Communications Commission, TV executives and groups like the Parents Television Council that have been the big drivers in recent moves to crack down on racy broadcasts.

"People see something on TV they don't like, and some activists yell from the rooftops calling for more government intervention, but that's not what people want," said Jim Dyke, executive director of TV Watch. "The vast majority of the people don't want the government making their programming decisions."



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