Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Worst thing of everything

From the bio page:
Dennis Madalone is originally from South Plainfield, New Jersey. For the past fourteen years, he was best know as Stunt Coordinator and Stunt performer on Star Trek 'The Next Generation', 'Deep Space Nine' and 'Voyager'. To date, he has made history as the longest running Stunt Coordinator at one Studio; he coordinated three hundred and eighty-nine episodes. Madalone is also faetured on the Star Trek Trading Cards, which in the trading card word is a high honor, and a valuable collectable.

Before he graduated, he set a new school record clearing thirteen feet in pole vaulting on the South Plainfield High School track team. Fresh out of school, Madalone immediately ventured to Hollywood California with only fifty-two bucks in his pocket, and an energized drive and passion to make his dream come true. Because of his hard work and dedication within the first year, Madalone had evolved from a "Jersey-Jock" into a Hollywood Stunt Coordinator. Madalone not only excelled with his physical abilities but his charisma also landed him on The Tonight Show, Regis and Kathie Lee, Arsenio Hall, and many others.

Madalone's Stunt Coordinating resume is esceptionally impressive, and his Stunt performances on film reach into the thousands. Stunts, have not been the only talent that Madalone shines in. As a teen he took Guitar lessons, and would hang out on the Jersey Shore, writing songs and entertaining his friends. Music was always in his heart and now it's pouring out. Using the same passion and drive he had in the movie industry as a young adult, Madalone is now using it in his music career. His new single "America We Stand As One" is sung from his heart and soul. His compassion for others inspires him to write lyrics and create melodies based on life experiences. His desire to share his feelings is so that it may be of reflective comfort in "your" life. Madalone says, "We all need each other". In his song "America We Stand As One", the message is to "carry on, hold on and stay strong for we all are truly one". Deniis' song wishes to fill your heart and soul full of pride, hope and love for our nation and most importantly each other. He is truly an artist with power, passion and originality.

Currently Dennis Madalone is the Stunt Coordinator for the new Hit Series, "Without a Trace" on CBS at Warner Brothers Studios.
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