Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Radio getting a clue?

Y'know, I actually have been listening to the radio a bit more these days. I just hope it isn't because of horrific marketroid-speak from people like "Mike Henry, chief executive of Paragon Media Strategies":
People today are desperate for change and diversity, said Mike Henry, chief executive of Paragon Media Strategies and a consultant who helped developed the breakout format known as "Jack," which plays hits across different genres from classic rock to hip-hop to country. That might mean playing Madonna next to Led Zeppelin next to John Mayer next to Alicia Keyes next to Franz Ferdinand.

"The Jack formula has worked and defied radio wisdom because it appeals to a pent-up demand that has grown and grown as radio has delivered narrower and narrower content," Henry said. "A lot of people want to be surprised, they want variety."

Jack--named to be easier to remember than call letters--is a licensed, branded radio format that originated in Canada in 2002.

Thank god people like "Mike Henry, chief executive of Paragon Media Strategies" have quantified, branded, and licensed this format - otherwise they might have to leave it in the hands of music-loving local radio programmers to come up with surprising and unique playlists! The horror!



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