Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Taibbi's back

After his mostly-lame, "outrageous" "The 52 Funniest Things About The Upcoming Death of The Pope", and follow-up non-apology, Matt Taibbi was losing me (despite last week's decent counter-contrarian obituary for Hunter Thompson).

Now Taibbi's back, in style, doing what he does best - telling wayward democrats to get a pair. This time he takes aim at "National Security Democrats," with his usual flair:
Described in Goldberg's New Yorker article, the political plan is centered around a new faction that calls itself the "National Security Democrats" (a term coined by that famous liberal, Richard Holbrooke) and is led by revolting hair-plug survivor Joe Biden. The position of the "National Security Democrats" is that the party should be "more open to the idea of military action, and even preemption" and that the Democrats should "try to distance themselves from the Party's Post-Vietnam ambivalence about the projection of American power." Additionally, the Democrats ought to reconsider their traditional stance as an opposition party and learn to embrace Republican heroes like Ronald Reagan.



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