Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Nanaca Crash!!

This flash games 0wnz. It makes those penguin smacking games seem quaint.

Rules (since they're in Japanese, here's what I've gleaned):

1. Adjust the angle, hold down the mouse button, and release at the right moment for maximum velocity.
2. There are two Aerials that you can use, red and blue. You only get three red Aerials, but the blue ones recharge over time. The red ones push you up and to the right, the blue ones push you down and to the right. The red ones only work while you are falling from the top of the screen to the tops of the trees. The blue ones only work while you are rising from the tops of the trees to the top of the screen. Click on the screen while the word "Aerial" (on the left side of the screen) is blue or red to use the Aerial.
3. Specials - On the right, there is a specials bar. From time to time, different characters will appear there. Below the specials bar, you can see which characters you are passing. If you bump into one of the characters in your specials bar, the word "Special" will appear. Click your mouse RIGHT AWAY, for a cool special. I suppose if you were very clever, you could try and use a blue Aerial to push you into a Special, but that would involve some pretty advanced reflexes.

So far my record is only 4359.85.


Update: The link seems down, so here's a yousendit link (download the file and drop it in a browser window):

Update #2: Here is a new link.


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