Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Matt Taibbi vs the DLC

When Marshall Wittmann, member of the spineless DLC mused about running for the charimanship of the DNC, I doubt he thought he'd get this virulent a response:

It's significant that you and Marshall started your animal blogs after Gillespie, the triumphant Republican, started the Yak—just as you're now pushing a "Pennsylvania Avenue Project" to match Tom DeLay's "K Street Project," and just as you wrote a long essay pleading with Democrats to come up with their own version of Norquist's coalitions and Gingrich's "Contract With America." Again, you have no ideas of your own; you copy everybody, most enthusiastically the enemy.

But there's a difference between your doing an animal blog and Ed Gillespie's doing an animal blog. The difference is essentially the same difference that separates the Democratic Party from the Republican Party—Ed Gillespie is a winner, you are a loser. The reason Ed Gillespie can pull off treating politics like a game is that it is, and should be, a game to an Ed Gillespie. He is, unabashedly, a professional con artist. That's what a Republican political operative is supposed to do—con Americans who've had their jobs taken away by big business into voting Republican anyway. And when he's done doing that, he's supposed to prance around the beltway in a cap and bells, laughing to high heaven about how cleverly he screwed the whole country. Government is a big frat prank to people like Norquist and Gillespie, which is why frat names work for them. It could have been Otter or Flounder. Gillespie chose Yak. It makes sense.

Democrats don't want to be conned by their leaders; they want their party to actually represent them. They do not want Otter or Flounder returning from the offices of Eli Lilly or (more to the point) Loral Satellite with some grand "realistic" plan to put a pair of Bible-thumping arms- industry executives on the 2008 ticket. They do not want to be told that this is the only way to get the "McCainiac" swing voter (another one of your cute words) to go against the Republicans the next time around. That shit does not work with the vast majority of Democrats. They want men, not clowns, running things. And you, Marshall Wittmann, are a fucking clown.



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