Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Creative comes out swinging at the iPod Shuffle

Said [Creative's CEO] Mr Sim, "Actually, to me it's a big let-down: we're expecting a good fight but they're coming out with something that's five generations older. It's our first generation MuVo One product feature, without display, just have a (shuffle feature). We had that -- that's a four-year-old product.

"So I think the whole industry will just laugh at it, because the flash people -- it's worse than the cheapest Chinese player. Even the cheap, cheap Chinese brand today has display and has FM. They don't have this kind of thing, and they expect to come out with a fight; I think it's a non-starter to begin with."

And the Creative MuVo Micro also has line-in recording! Sadly, iPod Shuffle will crush them.



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