Tuesday, December 28, 2004

More kids dissing on old videogames

Remember those old videogames we used to play, when we were kids? How they had "more engaging gameplay?" How they didn't just "clutter up the screen with ever-more-complex graphics?" Get a load of what today's kids think of them:

On "Adventure"

The first action role-playing game, Adventure sent its dot-size hero--armed with an arrow-shaped sword--into dungeons inhabited by dragons that even the game's creator admits look like water fowl.
Bobby: A duck ate me.

EGM: A what ate you?

Parker: A pink duck.

EGM: What do you think this character's name is?

Parker: Dot. Or Adventure? That's what this game is, isn't it? Go up, go up, go up.

Bobby: Stupid duck. I hate the duck. The duck is evil.

Parker: Go left, go left. Grab the arrow. That's the only way you can kill the duck. You have to run that into the duck.

Garret: It's a spear or something.

Bobby: [Enters castle] I'm just going to store all my keys and useless stuff in here. I'm going to store my duck in there.

EGM: Do you identify with this dot?

Garret: No. The dot is small. I am not.


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