Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Some thoughts from various sources

Sidney Blumenthal:
Now, without constraints, Bush can pursue the dreams he campaigned for -- the use of U.S. military might to bring God's gift of freedom to the world, with no more "global tests," and at home the enactment of the imperatives of "the right God." The international system of collective security forged in World War II and tempered in the Cold War is a thing of the past. The Democratic Party, despite its best efforts, has failed to rein in the radicalism sweeping the country. The world is in a state of emergency but also irrelevant. The New World, with all its power and might, stepping forth to the rescue and the liberation of the old? Goodbye to all that.

Josh writes:

Positive nihilism - I think this is the healthiest mindset we can assume
right now... I'm used to watching people I vote for lose elections (matter
of fact, I've never voted for a winner in any major election), but it seems
to me the only productive way to cope is to look at this as an acceleration
of the self-destruction of American capitalist empire - there's no question
that this will be bad for the country economically and globally, and will
accelerate our slide into deranged self-absorption, perhaps culminating in
some sort of apocalyptic social breakdown when the world runs out of gas a
la Mad Max. To be honest, I choose to look at this as a good thing - I
mean, fuck this country. Who needs more SUVs, more fat, self-absorbed
xenophobes, more self-righteous greed, more idiotic adolescent
fantasy-powered media... let it all go. Let it all burn to shit - the
sooner the better so that something else can grow out of it.

From Salon's coverage of the Daily Show party:
Asked if "The Daily Show" could survive a Kerry win, [Colbert] said, "I'm sure there will be something incompetent somewhere." If Bush wins, "I'll go back to doing Carmen Electra jokes," he said. "They don't wound the heart as much."


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