Thursday, November 11, 2004

Interview with the King of the Pirates Music Downloaders

Very interesting article with a man who has downloaded over 900,000 tracks, and is commited to saving the music from the coming jihad against all things Western.

Some interesting bits:

"Before iTMS people had to rip their CD’s in order to fill up their iPods, or download it from a pirate site. A lot of people still believed that owning the CD was important. I see a change coming. In the beginning of the iTMS revolution people would buy songs as an impulse purchase. They would still rather buy a physical CD of a band or a singer that they really liked. They were using iTMS as a supplement to their CD collection. That is changing. Lots of people are now buying ONLY the digital album. They buy the latest album from, say, Green Day, without buying the CD. They might like Green Day, consider that band their favorite, and now owning just the digital album from iTMS is enough. They don’t need the CD anymore. Because of that, owning only digital music is becoming an accepted way of owing music.

"For some reason lots of people thought that the music they owned on CD and ripped with iTunes was their legitimate music, and the digital music they downloaded from Napster was not. Now, a pirate can download music from iTMS or some torrent site and both have the same value to the owner. This is a dangerous time for record companies."

"...take the new U2 album. When that album comes out you might run down to the local record store to buy it. When you get there it’s out of stock, so you run around town and visit every store that sells records. You might run around all day and not find it because it sold so well. That never happens on iTMS.

"No matter how strong the demand for the new album is, Apple never runs out. If you are a consumer of digital music and no longer buy CD’s then you will never again worry about having to wait for it. The iTMS is always stocked; you can’t say that about any physical store. Virtually inventory is just that…virtual. It’s the best kind of inventory, isn’t it? (Smiles broadly)"



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