Monday, November 08, 2004

Andrew Sullivan "massages his hindquarters"

After Sullivan went on a shrill rant against Noam Chomsky and his "millions" in speaking fees, James Wolcott noticed this bit of creepy goodness:

The strangest thing in the broadcast happened when the show was over. The panelists stood, Sullivan's back to the camera, and as the credits rolled, he began squeezing, massaging his own buttocks with his hands. I thought he might be trying to dislodge a thong strap that had run up rather deep, but no, he seemed to be feeling up his own butt. I've never seen anything quite like it, unless I was hallucinating, and if I start hallucinating about Andrew Sullivan copping a feel of his own butt, it's time to check into the clinic for a little Elizabeth Wurtzel layoff.

James Wolcott: Touchy Feely

And of course, a video


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