Thursday, October 14, 2004

Christian Sex Education - for kids!

Link, via BoingBoing

Contains informative gems such as this:

This first story commences with a father noisily sawing wood when his six-year-old son Billy runs up and implores him to come see the neighbors' new puppies. Not sensing any danger of imminent embarrassment, the father accompanies Billy to view the litter of puppies. Billy is prone to excitement and repeated use of the exclamation "Golly." He also sounds like an adult woman doing an impression of a boy. Apparently audio verité was not foremost on the minds of the Christophers.

On cue, Billy starts asking questions about how and why the puppies were born. Dad gives his stock answer about God planting the seed inside the mother dog, etc. This seems to satisfy until Billy asks the same questions about human beings. Dad issues a similar reply, but adds the detail that "God breathes a soul into the human fetus." The pet cemetary business was never the same.


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